New Webcomic Discovery

I found a new webcomic to add to my rss reader. Not like that's a bad thing; I already read a few webcomics and I really enjoy them. My webcomic reading list can be grouped into the following categories:
Library Stuff: turn the page, Unshelved
Geek Stuff: PhD, xkcd
Firefly Stuff: Mosquito, Save Haitus
Notice my pathetic geeky theme? Anyways, I just discovered PhD (which has supplied today's awesome images), but now (because I hate starting things halfway through, blame it on the OCD or whatever) I have to slog through the entire archive. Yeah, I'm pathetic. I'm sure I'll enjoy that but really, when will I find the time (and yes, it will bother me until I finish).
If you've any other webcomic suggestions, comments are most welcome.