Blog Action Day 08 - Poverty

Well I'm a bit slow off the mark (blame it on grad school + two jobs + a social life), but today is Blog Action Day 08. It's basically an event that unites bloggers, and creates discussion and awareness about a global issue - poverty.
I'm not eloquent. I don't use fancy words or construct long, well written, posts where I back up my opinions with evidence or well thought out rhetoric. No, I'm just practical and honest. Can one person with one piddly little blog that no one reads actually help solve a world problem?
Blog Action Day 08 have put together an excellent page with tons of ideas for small scale action. We can speak up, shop ethically, communicate with our political leaders (this means actually writing a letter to your MP, not just thinking about it), or get involved with something in our community (once again, actually volunteering, not just thinking about it). Personally, for the past couple years I've been selecting and donating to a different charity each month. A little goes a long way, honestly.
One of my favourite M*A*S*H quotes goes something like this:
Nasty Army Pilot: "You don't honestly think you can change the world?"
Hawkeye: "No... just my little corner of it."
If we are going to fix something so huge, so global, so destructive, we've all got to do something. We've got to start somewhere. We've got to stop thinking and start doing.