A Waste Of Paper?

Here's another one for you:
Which is more environmentally friendly: books or e-books??
That's a tough one. Regardless, you can't snuggle up with a good e-book. Or can you?? Honestly, too much of my day is spent 'online', the last thing I need to do is read online too (I do enough of that already). And that can't be good for your eyes. I'm all for saving trees, but believe there are also ways to use books in an eco-friendly way. Check out Eco-libris and Bookmooch, plus don't forget about your local library! I'm a future librarian, so maybe I'm biased: I need future employment!
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  1. dude..you really need to get over the eco friendly thing haha. you're halarious..and I changed my mind about the paper towel vs. hair dryer...I vote the towel!!!

  2. Unless we all do our part, no, unless we all do much more that our part...this world wont be fit to live in for the generations to come. I think being eco friendly is pretty important in today's current climate (no pun intended).

  3. More great Ebook vs. paper resources:



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