Textbook Trouble

Today I learned I'm a procrastinating idiot. What sucks the most about going back to school? Spending atrocious amounts of money on textbooks (which likely wont get used after the first month). I worked so much over the summer I never bothered to worry about school until this week. Turns out other people have spent the summer tracking down cheap textbooks for 'online' sources. Well, it's too late for me, nothing will get shipped for like 2 weeks.
What does that mean? It means I get to wait in a huge long line at the university bookstore and then spend my well earned money on overpriced, new textbooks. Grr. I'm not happy about that. There is a SLIS textbook sale tomorrow but I'm not the only one in this position so I'm not optimistic about my chances of getting a good deal. Hopefully they wont change the edition (!) and maybe I'll be able to sell them next year.
Grr. I hate buying textbooks.


  1. Score! I actually got two on sale and at a good deal. It paid to elbow out the competition!


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