Sick Day(s)

I haven't posted for awhile because a) I've been busy and b) I'm sick. I know exactly why I got sick too: last weekend I was boasting to a friend that I hadn't had a cold or the flu since I quit teaching a year or so ago. Ha! Payback is a bitch I guess. So despite my regular intake of zinc lozenges, vitamin C + echinacea pill and goldenseal drops, I've got chills, a leaking nose, touchy sinuses, a whoozy head and a scratchy throat. I've taken the past two days off school and work. That's $60 in lost income and 9 hours of missed classes (though only 3 hours are important). Plus I've got to go on this hike on Sunday (except as of now I can barely stand). What a waste of a couple days. It's not like I feel up to doing school work or tidy my mess of a room or anything. 
It's a good thing there's a CSI NY marathon on tv...