Secret Storage?

I was talking with my collegues at the law library tonight about emergency evacuation procedures. Strange topic, yes, but I'm working on a project whereby I'm creating a Casual Staff Training Manual and needed a few questions answered (by the way, we get trained on handling bomb threats, no joking - it'a a court house). I asked what would happen to all the data they have (especially book/item inventory) if a 'disaster' happened and the building was destroyed, and then sarcastically asked if they had a 'black box' like on airplanes. A senior staff member said no, but that all data was all backed up and kept off site. She then said she had heard that Edmonton was Canadian site for the storage of similar American data. Not just book inventories, but she supposed probably important documents etc. of all types. Apparently Edmonton is 'stable', ie. we don't get floods, earthquakes or hurricanes and the terrorists aren't bothered about us (for the moment, it's not like we're dripping with oil or anything). This rumour is incredibly interesting in my opinion. I tried to find out if it was true but didn't discover anything; I think more 'spare-time' research is needed, as opposed to 'break-time' research. It's all very spy-show though, very cool!