Hogwarts...in Edmonton?

Did you know there is a 'Harry Potter' room in Edmonton?
I didn't either, until today at work. A student came into the library asking for directions to the 'Harry Potter' room. Both of us newbies at the service desk had no idea what she was talking about, but a senior staff member knew right away and directed the student to the reading room on the second floor of Rutherford South. I thought it was a joke. Apparently the students coined the term a few years ago and it stuck. Sure enough, a couple hours later, another student came up and asked the same question!
Edmonton's 'Harry Potter' room looks like this:
Students think it looks like the dining hall from the movies. The dining hall, which is actually part of Christ Church College at Oxford, England, looks like this: Do you think they look alike? And while we're on the Harry Potter theme, here's a goofy photo of me at King's Cross in London, getting ready to go to Hogwarts...


  1. hey, the Harry Potter room! i recall spending six hours in there, starting AND FINISHING frankenstein (for an english assignment), even falling asleep a few times and finding out that when i woke up, it was still so quiet u could pick up every single sound, lol.


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