Election 2008

I'm pretty sure everyone everywhere knows there's an American election coming up. I'm also pretty sure that only the Canadians (and good grief I sure hope so) know there's a Canadian election coming up on October 14. I suppose that says something about publicity, modesty, and world domination, but nevermind that - have you heard about the new voting fads?
First off is the vote swapping Facebook group. Here is their description:
"This group is a forum for those who oppose Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. It is imperative that they do not obtain a majority in the 2008 federal election. To prevent this from happening, those on the broad left and those concerned about the environment must cooperate. The concept of the vote swap is simple: in a completely legal fashion, it allows voters in different ridings to swap votes to best ensure the Conservatives don't win. Almost anyone who is opposed the Conservatives can take part. If your preferred party has no chance in your riding (or if they are absolutely certain of winning) you can use your vote elsewhere to help candidates from the same party beat the Tories, while at the same time voting strategically to stop the Tories in your own riding."
Its been reported in local media here, and here and all over the tv news. If anything check out the links section on their page.
There is another site for Pair Voting. Similarly, Vote For Environment asks you to input your postal code, then returns a nice interface (with map and graphs!) that tells you who to vote for to 'make your vote count' (aka 'get rid of the conservatives').
Of course, all of these sites champion the slogan 'anything but the conservatives'.
Are these sites legal? I suppose you are allowed to vote for whoever you want. Now, I'm not going to give away who I'm voting for, but I can see the need for these new voting fads. I live in Alberta. See that dark 'conservative' blue area on this political party map from the last election:
Yep. That's Alberta. When I input my postal code into Vote For Environment, instead of a friendly suggestion of how I could make my vote count, they basically told me to vote for whomever I wanted, the Conservatives were going to win regardless. So, what do you do if you live in a conservative stronghold, but don't want to vote conservative? Why bother voting at all? Either way it's a waste, the blues are getting in. Well, that's how we feel around here sometimes, so yeah, I can see the need for vote swapping.
I just want a leader who isn't going to lead this country into the toilet. Good luck with that, eh?
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