Big Brother Is Reading

Oh wow. I can't believe all the people who stopped by my blog recently. It was humbling and flattering and embarrassing all at the same time. I think I have like 3 regular readers (thanks guys and gals, I love ya!), and really only started this blog as a way to vent frustrations and archive my thoughts. I never really meant for people to read it, and forget sometimes people actually do! I wish y'all would comment more (even if it is to put me in my place!). The 'Anonymous' name drives me crazy, I just have to know!
One or my professors brought up a good point today though. I guess it really is true that employers google names and check what their prospective employees are up to on facebook etc. I'm not so worried about facebook, I try to keep a low profile and don't have any photos of me getting drunk etc (for the record I don't drink so I don't think those photos even exist).
It's my mouth that worries me. Apparently I offend people (don't even get me started on this past summer). I don't mean to, sometimes I talk without thinking. And I'm an emotional writer too. Sometimes I write without thinking about the consequences. Not like this is a bad thing. I don't mind the constructive criticism people give back as I learn from that and it helps me grow. If I don't write this stuff on my blog, no one will ever heard it as I'm not much of a social sharer. And I'm writing it on the internet, which is a public space so basically I've already waived my privacy rights. It would be a shame to censor my thoughts because I was worried about who was reading it.
Thinking about my future bosses reading this or my travel blog kinda creeps me out though.


  1. So who is mystery reader number 4?

  2. I don't reckon your bosses would find your blogs because you haven't used your full name anywhere, as far as I can tell. That reminds me: I should google myself to make sure there isn't anything on the web about me that I don't want there. A while ago I did that and realized anyone could get my home address and my cell number by googling my name. Apparently my listing on the Editors' Association of Canada website comes up in Google searches. Oy.

  3. It's so funny that googling names has become a popular past time. I wish I knew how to get my name off certain sites from years ago! Don't forget to put your name in " " too!


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