The Sound of Silence

I found a radio at work yesterday.
Now, I love working in libraries, I really do. I'm quite happy (for the moment) with my newly chosen (second) career. The problem is I seem to get jobs in dead, one person libraries. I work alone. Patrons rarely come in. I don't get to talk to anyone all day. It's too quiet. It's lonely.
I figured I would've liked the lonely silence, but I don't. I hate it. I need to talk to people. I need to see people. I need to interact with people. This whole situation is quite ironic considering I spent my last year in London quite happily living as a hermit!
Over the past two days I've come to the conclusion that I'm actual more productive when I work with the radio on. Usually I spend all day wondering what the world is doing, wanting to talk to someone, and I tended to check facebook or my RSS feeds a couple times an hour. I needed to know there was a world of people out there. Now, with the radio on, it's like someone is talking to me, keeping me company. It's been keeping me off the internet anyways. When I lived in Athabasca out at my uncle's cabin (population: 1) I used to keep the tv on all the time, just for the company (and not for the programming since it would only pick up CBC). Same thing, different media.
I wonder if my boss will accept this as an excuse to let me keep the radio on when he comes back from holidays next week?? Perhaps I wont tell him I've been listening to the rock radio station in the Catholic college library?