I'm boring. No, seriously, I'm a dull and boring kinda person. I like to stay home and watch tv or waste time on my computer or play video games or read. I study a lot if I'm in school and work hard when I'm not. I don't like going to bars, movies or shopping. I do like being a boring person though, so I'm not complaining.
Can I tell you a secret though? I (like most people I reckon) sometimes dream about being on stage, in a band, like a rockstar or something. Seriously. I'd play bass or fiddle I guess and would get to travel around and make lot's of money and meet lot's of people and everyone would love me. It would be so exciting, playing shows every night, feeding off the energy of the crowd. I would be famous!
But then again, maybe fame isn't really for me. I heard Nickelback's song 'Rockstar' at work today (boring librarian, remember):
Yeah, I think I'm alright with being boring.