In The End?

Hmm, here's an article to make you think:
The article makes some good points. It bothers me NOW that I leave an online trace, nevermind what happens when I'm gone. That said, I'm not sure my family needs to read my emails! The tips they give are good though: HOW TO SAFEGUARD YOUR ONLINE ID Worried about your online legacy? Take these steps to regain control: 1. Read the user agreement before signing up for a new service. Make sure you understand what information they collect, how long it stays around, and what happens to the account after you die. 2. Increase the privacy settings on Facebook and MySpace accounts, so only your friends can view the page. 3. Think twice before posting incriminating photos that could come back to haunt you. Think of Joshua Lipton, sentenced to two years in prison because photos showed him dressed as a prisoner for Halloween, two weeks after he was charged in a drunk-driving accident that seriously injured a woman. 4. Keep a list of your user names and passwords in a secure location, such as a safe, in case something happens to you. Sources: Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Michael Geist, Kenneth K. Dort