Go To The Corn Maze!!

I had so much fun last night I'm posting on the weekend, it was that good.

A friend from work and I went to the Edmonton Corn Maze! Basically a crazy farmer cuts a maze into his corn field and then charges people admission to get lost in it for a couple hours. This year's maze cover 15 acres and has 5km of trails and looks like this:

I went last year during the day and it was really fun. I took a friend who was over from England and since it was CISN radio's 2-for-1 day they put us on the air because her accent was cool. This is me looking lost and bewildered last year:

This year we also went on CISN day but added a whole new dimension! First, we went at dusk, definitely the best time to go. It's light enough that you get your bearings but then gets quite dark and makes it extra fun and challenging (next time I'd bring a flashlight though, some guy had a headlamp, I reckon that's the way to go but I don't have one). Then the dark ominous clouds rolled in, which were quite beautiful between the dark navy and the pink/purple colouring. Finally, the lightening started and the wind picked up. It was awesome!! The way the lightening flashes lit up the sky overhead briefly was just gorgeous. You could see the tops of the corn waving against the coloured background, seriously beautiful. We never did get rained on and couldn't hear the thunder as it was too far away, but the whole atmosphere was so awesome! We made it out before the kicked us out at closing time, and rewarded ourselves for an A-#1 effort with McFlurries.

I'd go again in a heartbeat. Apparently around Halloween time the spook it up quite a bit, which is a bit too Blair Witch for me, but they're open till November so that leaves lot's of time in between to get in another visit. If you do go, check out the website as there's coupons and other 2-for-1 deals. Plus they have a picnic area and farm animals and pedal carts and a bale mountain to climb on. This would be a seriously cool place to take a date (though maybe that only works on boring people like me?). There are a bunch of other corn mazes in around Edmonton (Leduc, Lacombe, Bon Accord) and others in Alberta and all over the world.

So find your nearest one today and get lost!


  1. Damn..i'm so jealous. I wish I joined you that day. URG!

  2. which corn maze would u recommend if i were to try just one? :)

  3. I've only ever been to the one just west of the city, it's a good time!


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