Floating Down the Elbow

I went to Calgary this weekend, mostly because I was invited down by an old friend who I hadn't seen in ages, but also to celebrate my car's first birthday with it's first highway roadtrip. My friend enticed me with a 'raft trip down the river'. Curious. I figured it wasn't whitewater rafting, as there's none of that in Calgary and it would've entailed a bit more preparation. Instead we drove to a park on the edge of the Elbow River not too far from downtown Calgary, pumped up a couple Walmart dingies, tied them together, and headed downstream toward my friend's apartment building. It was so much fun! We floated down, chatted a bit, relaxed a bit more, ate yummy snacks, looked longingly at the riverside mansions, made fun of the other floating groups of people and somewhat successfully paddled away from the edge, rocks and other floaters (until I broke a paddle, which turned the somewhat successful effort into a not-so-successful effort). It was so relaxing, and beautiful. I wish there was a place to do this in Edmonton. I'd be out every weekend. (Image, and a great description of what goes on on the Elbow from here.)


  1. There's a beautiful river to float down 1 hr from Edmonton. Pembina river at Entwistle.


  2. You're the second person today to mention the Pembina! That's awesome, I can't wait to check that out next summer!


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