Facespace vs. Mybook

Well, it's finally happened:
In my opinion, it's about time. I can't stand myspace, too many ads and strange, pretentious backgrounds with weird floating text (although the music player is wicked!). I used to be Facebook's biggest fan, and completely agreed with it's merits, as blogged about by my friend Jo a couple months ago. It was great when I lived in England for keeping up with close friends in Canada. It was great when all those long lost high school friends came out of the woodwork. It was great for organizing events and posting pictures and generally wasting time on during school/work.
Now I'm not so sure. In fact, I've been thinking about deleting ('deactivating') my account for a few weeks now. Too much drama. Too much 'Ha! In your face! I'm better than you and you suck!' going on. Not enough actually talking to real people face to face. Not enough actually sharing real life stuff on a level somewhere above superficial, with people who actually care.
I really like RickMcKee's comment on cbcnews.ca:
"Never before in the history of civilization has so much information been shared between individuals and never before has there been so little actual communication. The art of conversation, the essential skill of listening have both given way to non-stop narcissistic chatter. Surely the genius of the technology creating the cyber-world is in service of more than a glorified "party line"."
My aunt and uncle used to have a cabin at Bonnie lake and they had this neighbour who used to just sit and listen to the party-line all day. Sure, she knew what was going on with everyone, but everyone inturn thought she was a nosey bitch.
So, do I delete Facebook? Or not?


  1. Don't do it....I won't know when you're ill, happy, having a birthday, pissed off, sharing links, posting pictures. It's idealistic to say the quality of interaction is not good enough on facebook. Basically if you weren't on it you'd probably have no contact with most of your old 'friends'. It's not a replacement for real friendship and social interactivity, it's just a snapshot which lets people know you're still alive and kicking. I wouldn't have heard about dr.horrible without it as I doubt you'd have made the effort to email me personally. It's a place to share memories, state where you're at and keep in touch with gone but not fogotten friends. The difficulty comes with relationship/friendship issues as in the real world - deleting friends is a tough thing to do.
    I wish there were better ways of categorising your friends, example:
    1. Have a work version - this could replace intranet for small companies and wouldn't invade your privacy.
    2. Have settings for what you see of friends feeds. You may not want to delete someone but you may choose for a while not to hear about them.
    And so many more...

  2. Good points. It's kinda sad people don't 'talk' anymore, and use facebook as a crutch (I'm guilty too!). It would be nice to have more flexibility with it. I'm putting off deleting it - for awhile. The drama has gone quiet, but once it starts up again...

  3. True. It's good for people like me who hate talking on the phone although I don't think it really helps me to overcome that fear....why am I scared of talking on the phone anyway?

    I'm not alone:


    What happened to my comment on your please... post - did you delete it???? Have I been censored?? That will be the first time ever so quite pleased if so.

  4. I hate talking on the phone too!!

    And I never got a comment on my Please... post yet? Maybe it's stuck in the bowels of blogger?


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