Best Game In the World (besides curling...)

I'm back from vacation! (In England I would've said 'back from holiday' but apparently in Canada it's 'back from vacation' because holidays are days like Christmas and Easter. File that under things you didn't know about your own country until you left for four years and then returned. And yes you can kinda sorta go home again. Anyways...). My trip was nice, thanks for asking, and can be read about and seen on my travel blog.
Perhaps my favourite part of my US Road Trip, perhaps my favourite part of any road trip (yes I am a person of small pleasures, it really doesn't take much to make me smile if you try) is playing the License Plate Game! Rules are simple: find a license plate from as many states/provinces/random others as you can. In my world there are no points to the game, only copious amounts of fun and excitement. No kidding!
All you need is a checklist of the states/provinces. I meant to print out this one with pictures of all the plates but forgot so had to get my friend to recite them in alphabetical order (which took forever as we had to keep starting at the beginning. You can hear the 50 Nifty song here, I've only memorized up to 'I'). The pictures wouldn't have helped anyways because the Americans seem to produce multiple pretty plates with different pictures for each state anyways (maybe that was just Washington and Oregon?). There's a magnetic game, but only with the states, and gosh if I could find one with the states and provinces I'd get my credit card out for sure.
This year was the best year yet! We checked off 37 US states, 4 Canadian provinces, Mexico, 1 US Army and 1 US Air Force. Not bad for a 9 day trip through only 4 states (Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona) which wasn't actually a road trip, but a trip with plenty of car time! Check out these license plates of the world too.
So, if you need some road trip company, let me know. I'll just sit and giggle in the back with my License Plate Game checklist!