Grossed Out

I found a worm/caterpillar in my salad at lunch today. That's just great. Just freakin' great. The spinach came from the garden (so at least it was an organic worm?) but the whole episode ruined my appetite and completely grossed me out. Unfortunately, Bob the Ulcer wasn't too happy about the lack of lunch, so basically I just felt sick all day. Today's horror isn't really that shocking, because the same thing happened about a month ago. I found a worm/caterpillar in my dinner, that apparently came from the package of mixed frozen vegetables (which was almost finished). At least that time Sobey's gave me a $10 gift certificate. Now, for a girl, I'm pretty hardy when it comes to bugs. While in England I lived through a house moth infestation, and numerous wood lice encounters. I also slept with bed bugs (not fun) and carpet beetle larvae (which didn't gross me out until I actually found one in my bed, as opposed to inside the mattress where I couldn't see them). They're good stories, you should ask me about them sometime. Anyways, bugs in my food is not cool. I know most of the world eats bugs, heck, I've even eaten a chocolate covered cricket. It's just not the same thing. Knowingly putting a bug in your mouth is way different than doing it unknowingly (it's estimated the average person eats a pound of bugs each year unintentionally and if you think that's bad, check out this Food Defect Action Level chart), which is way different that discovering it at the last moment and then living with the psychological trauma (which, by the way, can't even be remedied by legal action unless there is evidence of physical damage). I'm thinking about giving up vegetables. And I'm not even thinking about adding a picture to this post. Gross.