Blast From The Past

You know how they say you can never go home again? Well I've proved that wrong at least once in the past year or so, and then again a couple nights ago: I went to my 10 year high school reunion!
Gosh I can't believe I actually went. Ten years ago I said I wouldn't go unless I was married and/or successful. Yeah. Not so much. I'm so glad I went though! It was weird at the beginning, and cliquey, but by then end I think everyone was comfortable enough to talk to anyone. It was just...nice. I saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen for 10 year (obviously) and it was just nice to catch up (even though Facebook has been facilitating that superficially for a year or so now). I love friends who you can just get right back into talking too, and even I hadn't seen those people for years, it was like time hadn't passed. So, yeah, it was nice. I might even attempt to keep in touch with a few people.
I guess maybe you can kinda sorta relive old memories, or at least create hope for new ones.


  1. congrats on making it to your ten year. i would have CONTEMPLATED going, had i been around, but probably would have decided not to, haha :)

    hope u enjoy your roadtripping.


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