You've got to be kidding!

Everything has gone up. Tuition is crazy. Rent is crazy. Gas is crazy. And now car insurance rates are supposed to jump 37%! Not fair. I'm already paying more than average because I was abroad for four years. Small injury claims blah blah blah. Screw the average Canuck. Make me pay for those drivers who drive like maniacs. I'm with the lawyers on this one: "The Canadian Bar Association will release a report today that argues insurers can absorb higher injury claims because the companies have made more than 20 per cent profit each of the last four years." See, it's always about money. Believe me, I'd love to give up my car and get a bus pass, but that's just not realistic or practical. Bus routes around my place are crap, I'd never be able to stay out late and it would take forever to get anywhere. No, I've already done that for four years. Now I'm paying for my freedom. Good grief.