What's In A Name?

I read an article this morning in the journal that stated the majority of women still take their husband's last name after marriage (actually a slight increase from the 90's). I'm quite surprised really, I would've thought this tradition (like most) would've fallen slightly out of favour in the new millenium. I'm not sure what I would do, I guess there's a few options. Tradition versus convenience (unless kids are involved)? Friends in England combined both their last names to make an entirely new one, which was pretty clever. I certainly wouldn't hypenate, but I am pretty fond of my last name. There just aren't that many of us left (and those who are don't seem to be multiplying). It's not like I need to think about this though, as I'm fairly cynical about marriage anyways. And I'm most certainly not on the 'married and pregnant by 30' plan either. Any thoughts?


  1. a large percentage of my friends are hyphenating, with their maiden name going first.

    at last discussion, i've decided to just take the new last name altogether. hyphenating and/or combining would make for an awkward mouthful :P


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