Stupid Skeeters

I went to a bbq on Saturday night and got two mosquito bites. Fine, whatever, they don't usually bother me at all. However, Sunday night I came to the realization that those mosquito bites had swollen to the size of quarters!!! I freaked out, and figured I had West Nile. Anyways,I got over it and did my research!
So, when a mosquito bites (an only the females bite) she leaves a bit of saliva and this causes us to have a mini 'allergic reaction'. Some people have really bad mosquito allergies and can even go into anaphalactic shock! If someone who hasn't been bitten in awhile (say because they lived in England for four years and those lucky Brits don't have mosquitoes) gets bitten, their reaction may be more severe because they've lost their mosquito saliva immunity. Or something like that. I reckon that's what's happened to me.
Quarter sized, swollen, mosquito bites are not attractive. It's going to be a long summer.


  1. If the mozzie gets a full bite in without me catching her, I usually swell up to the size of a loonie or toonie. Not nice.

  2. Glad I live in Britain. ((smug))

    PS - the marshmallows are in the freezer, one pink one white.


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