I was watching a stormchaser documentary on tv today and remembered I meant to read up on a news story I missed from Friday: Experts warn Canadians to prepare for tornadoes. Apparently parts of Canada are beginning to see increased tornado activity, much like tornado alley in the American midwest. That's pretty scary, especially considering I live in Alberta, which is considered part of Canada's 'tornado alley'.
I remember Black Friday - July 31, 1987, when an F4 tornado drove through Edmonton. I was almost 7 years old. I remember the sky went pitch black, weird since it was only late afternoon. The winds picked up and then the rain slammed down. We took shelter in the basement and listened to the chaos outside. It didn't last very long. I remember watching the footage on the news and being really scared because my dad had to go out to work (at that time he worked as a plumber for the city). Twenty-seven people died in total. The tornado destroyed the Evergreen Trailer Park, killing fifteen people. That's a fifteen minute drive east of my house. Scary.
It wasn't till much later, after I saw the movie 'Twister', that I became fascinated by severe weather. That said, I'm not sure Alberta needs more tornadoes. Like I said, scary stuff. Beautiful, but scary.


  1. Definitely right..storms are beautiful but behind that beauty theres is that ferocious force on that..I'm a fan of weather storm chasing but considering to go out for a chase i think it pretty risky and dangerous..:)


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