Pretty Praising

I work by myself an awful lot (something which will change once I get my masters, no one person libraries for me in the future!). Due to the lack of conversation and actual human contact, I tend to do one of three things with my time (while I'm actually working, of course): 1. worry/stress about life, the universe and everything. 2. daydream. 3. sing (sometimes aloud, mostly in my head, I'm not that crazy!). Nevermind about 1 & 2, I know you're all wondering what I sing. Usually it's the last song I heard in my car on the way to work. Sometimes it's something completely random (last week I had the theme tune for 'The Edison Twins' in my head for like five hours). I've been working in the library of a Catholic theological college, and came across a book about the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi recently. The prayer sounded really familiar, but I couldn't figure out why. Then today it dawned on me: we used to sing the hymn version, 'Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace', when I was teaching in England! Here's something you might not have known: in English schools they have to have a time of collective 'worship' everyday. In our school this meant daily assemblies (sometimes whole school, sometimes year groups) where someone taught some sort of moral or talked about current events etc. Usually they were boring but there was meant to be a song at some point, and that was always my favourite part. I love to sing, even though I'm freakin' horrible at it, and used to join right in with the kids. Usually the songs were upbeat and kid friendly, but 'Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace' was really beautiful and frequently requested by the teachers. Imagine Ms. Gray playing the out of tune piano, and 350 kids, wearing maroon sweatshirts, singing these beautiful lyrics like little angels. It brings a tear to my eye. Click the picture to listen to a lovely version from youtube.