Morbid and Creepifying?

I've missed Body Worlds exhibits in numberous cities as I've been travelling, so imagine how excited I was when they annouced it was coming to Edmonton's 'Telus World of Science' (aka the Space and Science Centre)!
What is Body Worlds?
"Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, the most highly attended touring exhibition in the world. From individual organs to whole bodies, BODY WORLDS offers visitors a rare opportunity to see the complexity of human anatomy and physiology. BODY WORLDS features authentic human specimens preserved through a revolutionary process called Plastination. This remarkable preservation technique replaces bodily fluids and fat with reactive plastics, thereby preserving human tissue in its natural state. Visitors who embark on this amazing journey below the skin's surface will view an extensive collection including more than 200 authentic organs, systems and whole-body displays."
It seems this is one of those things that you are either really into, or really not into, and it certainly has come with it's fair share of controversy. I thought it was fantastic though. Body Worlds is such an amazing learning experience! We've all learned about it at school, seen it in textbooks, but this is real. All the specimans are done so artfully and tastefully; their purpose it not to gross you out, but to teach you about yourself. I didn't get the impression it was about death at all. It's more about life: a celebration of how amazing the human body really is.
It was truly fascinating. Go see it if you can.