Bountiful Bunnies

The front page of the journal confirmed something I've noticed lately: the city is crawling with jackrabbits! Apparently not just rabbits though, gophers and squirrels are also becoming a problem. You can't blame the poor little critters, it's happening because we keep tearing up their territory to build more houses and big box strip malls. So what if they eat up your flower beds or garden, they sure are cute! When we were kids there was a gopher living under our garage and we used to feed him Cheerios. I think Dad got rid of him though (this is the man who used to get paid a nickel for a gopher tale and a quarter for a coyote tail when he was growing up on the farm). I wouldn't mind a jackrabbit living in our backyard. It's not like my parents will let me get a cat. And I don't much care for flowers anyways.