Ask A Question?

Today I learned armadillos eat scorpions. How did I come by this knowledge?
As a library school assignment I had to do some research work for Ask A Question, an online question/answer servive run by libraries throughout Alberta. I've stayed on as a volunteer. My first question: how do they get the bubbles into an Aero bar?
It's a fun job, I get to troll the internet for random stuff. Seriously though, people are stupid. Why take the time to submit 'Do armadillos eat scorpions?' to AAQ when all you have to do is put in 'armadillo' and 'scorpion' to google. And there's always questions like: 'Does so-and-so like me?' or 'How do I get so-and-so to go out with me?'. Punk-ass kids.
Anyways, it makes for a fun (and super easy) job for me. Check out the archives, some of the questions are pretty interesting!