I figured it was about time I gave a shout out to Rockband, considering I've spent the majority of my weekends these past four months or so hanging out in a basement playing a video game. Who knew I'd get this hooked?
Have you played yet? No? Why the heck not! Rockband is awesome! If you've been living in a bubble recently, Rockband is a video game that let's you and your friends live the dream of being on stage. You can sing, play guitar, bass, or drums. There's actual instruments too, so try not to lose those drum sticks. You can create bands, and characters (smart video game men, they included shopping in their game!) and go on tour. It's pretty easy to play, but difficult to get good at (what isn't?) and you can't play alone so you actually have to tidy the living room and have people over.
I really like Guitar Hero too, but Rockband wins the debate, mostly due to the immense social aspect. Four people (or five if you outsource the pedal - highly recommended - or six if you need someone to put the kids to sleep) can play at the same time, so it's like a party in a box really. The songs are pretty darn good too. I'm a pretty solid medium guitar/bass player, and would love to work on hard, but man, that orange sure is tricky! I can't sing (we all know that) and don't mind drums but really am not so good at them, especially when you throw in the pedal. We've created a girl band called the 'Hott Hotties' and might I just say, damn we're hott! I love that hanging out in a basement and playing a video game is suddenly so cool!
My current top 3 favourite songs to play:
Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)
Dani California (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones)
I absolutely hate the Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) song. I'm not a huge fan of Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) either, not because it's not a good song, it's just so boring to play.
Prove me wrong. Give it a try.