Boredom = New Blog Direction

Hmm, I'm a bit bored with my discover blog. Plus I really don't have time to write long posts at the moment (3 jobs, not fun, but 'good experience'). So, it's time to take this blog in a new direction. I had a really great idea, but then checked the interweb and realized someone had already done it. Nevermind, I still like the idea and technically thought of it before I saw that (really, really, really good) blog, so I'm doing it too.
I've always been a 'lifelong learner'. Maybe that's why I thought I'd enjoy teaching (wrong). A few years ago I taught myself to play the fiddle (ok, I had a little help) and now I'm learning how to curl (during the winter). I just went back to university also, so I guess I'm a good learner.
And I always get excited when I learn new things. A day when I learn something new is not a waste. Now I'm going to archive those random tidbits of knowledge...