Corb Lund

How much do I love this guy's music? Seriously...a lot! When I was living in England, the lyrics and music by this hometown Edmonton boy carried me through many hard, homesick times. I think Corb Lund is one of the most gifted song writers our country has ever seen. Check out some info from Corb's bio: "Growing up in Taber, Alberta, Lund’s lineage boasts over a century of cowboys. And thanks to his keen lyrical pen, Lund’s Alberta is ready to take its place in a long line of immortal locales lucky enough to have their own poet laureates who paint vivid pictures, spin mythologies and create memorable characters. Think of any of the following: Bruce Springsteen’s New Jersey; Stan Rogers’ Maritime provinces; John K. Samson’s Winnipeg; Lou Reed’s New York City; Stompin’ Tom Connors’ small town Canada; Lucinda Williams’ Louisiana. ... Not only does he write the kind of timeless melodies that sound like they’ve been handed down by oral tradition, he boasts a kick-ass, bare-bones backing band he calls The Hurtin’ Albertans. Ultimately, Lund’s lyrics are what set him apart from every singer/songwriter trying to reinvent the wagon wheel. With a firm grasp of history, a colourful vocabulary and an aversion to typical love songs, Lund is a storyteller, first and foremost. That makes him part of a dying breed."

I just can't say enough about these guys, you'll have to listen for yourself:

Maybe you can't appreciate the lyrics if you're not from the Canadian prairies, but I encourage you to check out more of his songs online nonetheless. You can find Corb Lund at:

Corb Lund Official Page

Corb Lund Myspace Page

Corb Lund Videos on Youtube

And go see a concert because he's awesome live!