I love ice sports in general, but curling is my favourite. Did you know 1 million Canadians curl? That's about 95% of all curlers worldwide. I've been a curling fan for ages and have recently taken it up, so I of course I want everyone else to do so too! It has been quoted "Curling, first and foremost, is a game of fun and respect"*. And that's part of the reason why I love curling.
Curling has been described as chess on ice, which is a fair comparison. The game is as much, if not more so, about strategy than anything else. I personally think it's an graceful sport, with all the sliding and movement of the rocks. As a sport, it takes sportsmanship up a notch. The game is incredibly friendly and sporting. There's also the added bonus that anyone can participate. Age doesn't matter, nor does physical fitness or experience. It's also quite cheap to play, between the equipment and the league fees you can get started for under $100. After a quick tutorial, anyone can walk onto the ice and have a go at it. And it's not that hard to grasp the rules either. Whether you want to play for fun in the beer leagues, or work your way up to the championship level, anyone can do it.
Being Canadian, there's a bit of extra incentive to watch the sport: Canadians rock at curling! I'm talking about world/olympic level here. Canucks are always at the top of the sport, both in the men's and women's divisions. One of the most watched events is the Canadian Brier (men's nationals) because the quality is just out of this world. And being an Alberta girl, well there's three teams from Edmonton alone who are amoungst the best! During the winter it's pretty easy to find curling on tv in Canada (CBC or TSN) but it's also gaining in popularity in the US, and I've caught a few games on Eurosports while I lived in the UK.
If you want to know more about the game, check out these two sites:
It's pretty easy to find a local club through google (if you're in Canada anyways). See you on the ice!