A couple years ago, all the kids (even the teenagers in their gangster clothing) in England were making 'scoobie-doos', those woven plastic chains. It was the coolest thing to do, I confiscated a whole bunch of them during my time as a teacher. That's the closest to popularity knitting has gotten in the past few decades. I learned how to knit and pearl in Home Economics class in junior high, but unfortunately remember nothing (you use two sticks, right?). I think knitting is becoming a lost art.

However, this past Christmas I was shown how cool knitting really can be. A collegue of mine knitted the coolest Christmas gift for her mom, who drives a school bus:

How cool is that!! I told her she should sell them at craft fairs. School bus drivers, young kids, who wouldn't want one! I myself an a huge fan of scarves and mittens. I was on a quest this winter for a pair of warm mitts, attached together by a string. Very easy to find for little ones, not so for geeky grown-ups. I finally found string-mitten heaven at a shop on Kensington Ave in Toronto. They were all made in Nepal!

Apparently it's not that hard to do. Just type "learn to knit" into google and you get tons of results. And what could be easier than free online instructional videos? I most definitely am putting it on my 'things to do sometime in the future when I have a spare moment' list.

You heard me. Knitting is cool! (And if you do know how, let me know, I'll put in an order for a hot water bottle cover...)


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