Jerry Spinelli

I love this guy's books!! He is seriously one of my most favourite authors. Jerry Spinelli is an American author, mostly of young adult books. If more people (adults, teenagers, kids...) read his books, perhaps the world wouldn't be in such a pitiful state. He writes about odd characters, the geek, the outcast, characters who inspire the rest of the judgemental world to love and care. There's no violence, no sex, no fould language, just warm hearted messages. He mostly writes about loving yourself, whomever you may be, and being yourself in a world full of conformity. There's an emphasis on building relationships too, especially amoung people on the fringes of society. His books just make you feel all happy, and you might even find yourself crying tears of joy (I did multiple times during the Stargirls and once during Wringer, for a pigeon!).

My personal favourites are Maniac Magee (which I studied in a university 300-level English class, see this guy is good), Stargirl, and Love, Stargirl. I haven't read them all. but the ones I have read have been amazing. His website is pretty cool, totally geared towards young adults and kids mind you, and a bit hard to navigate through. I'm interested to see how the films turn out. A complete list of JerrySpinelli's young adult novels (from Wikipedia): Space Station Seventh Grade, 1982 Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?, 1984. Night of the Whale, 1985. Jason and Marceline, 1986. Dumping Girls, 1988. Dump Days, 1988 Maniac Magee, 1990 (Newbery Award Winner, has been made into a movie). The Bathwater Gang (illustrated by Meredith Johnson), 1990. There's a Girl in My Hammerlock, 1991. Report to the Principal's Office, 1991. Fourth Grade Rats (illustrated by Paul Casale), 1991. The Bathwater Gang Gets Down to Business, 1992. Who Ran My Underwear Up the Flagpole?, 1992. Do the Funky Pickle, 1992. Picklemania, 1995. Crash, 1996. Has a film contract The Library Card, 1997. Wringer, 1997. Has a film contract Knots in My Yo-Yo String, 1998 - Autobiography Loser, 2001. Stargirl, 2001. Has a film contract Milkweed, 2003. Tooter Pepperday, 2004. Eggs(novel), 2007 Love, Stargirl, 2007. Has a film contract. Go on, read one. I dare you!