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I love the violin. It is my most favourite instrument. And I love fiddle music. It is my most favourite type of music. I even play the fiddle a little. It makes any type of music better. So that's why you need to check out these two 'alternative fiddle' bands...
This is hip-hop fiddle. And it's so awesome. Have you ever heard a group of guys mesh together classical music and rap/hip-hop/r&b? No I didn't think so.
Here's what their bio says:
These two gentlemen, KeV Marcus and Wil b along with their DJ TK have created the ultimate synergy between classical and Hip-Hop music, and with it an incredible opportunity to reach young children. Since their triumph at the Apollo, Black Violin has toured with Linkin Park's lead singer Mike Shinoda throughout the country, performed at the NFL Kick off party with Puff Daddy "Diddy", performed at the Billboard Awards with Alicia Keys, been featured on the Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Lil Kim's, Brooke Hogan's upcoming albums, and has been giving an Award by the Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts for their Outstanding Contributions to Middle & High School Performing Arts Students. Kev Marcus, and Wil b, both graduates of Dillard Performing Arts High School, used their musical talents to earn full scholarships to college. Now Black Violin wants to make sure that America's young people get the same exposure to the arts, and therefore the same opportunity that they did.
Did you see them on CSI NY (Blue Train episode, season 3)? They rocked a subway train. I'm telling you, these guys are awesome. I don't even like rap/hip-hop/r&b but I love their music (ok, not the r&b songs, but you win some you lose some. They just released their first CD in the U.S. in December 2007. Unfortunatley, it hasn't been released in Canada, yet...
Listen at:
This is techno fiddle. And it's awesome too. Bond have been around since 2000, and have three original CDs out (plus a Greatest Hits and a Remixed CD and a DVD). If you ask real nice you can borrow mine. This quartet of girls from the UK can definitely play classical music, but add in some very nonclassical sounds, and some sexy outfits, and yep, you've got an international sensation. For a few years all the figure skaters were using Bond (is that a good thing?) and I'm sure they did a couple commericials. Anyways, once you get past the outfits, you've got to applaud them for turning people, who wouldn't normally listen, on to classical music.
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