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Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, I'm an Alberta girl through and through. I am truly blessed to be working at my dream job - I'm a Reference and Instruction Librarian at a local university. Also known as the curling librarian, I write about curling, Edmonton fun, library stuff, music and general nerdery.

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(comic: Curling 101 by Kent Vaughan - Mixed Brood webcomic)

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog for the purposes of sharing information. The opinions expressed in this blog represent my own, not those of my employer(s) or any association(s) I belong to.


  1. Hey,

    I liked your blog about the lack of good Canadian music blogs and your music monday blog is a great(although i hate that damn soccer horn).

    I noticed that you listen to Folk music and it got me thinking... I may have some content by a Canadian artist that you might enjoy.

    Her name is Lily Frost. Check her myspace out at www.myspace.com/lilyfrost

    If you like whats up there and would like to hear the whole album, I can send you the it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Just found your blog today and as a fellow curling freak and Edmonton resident I love it!


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